2010 is looking good.


So I stayed up until the early hours of last night so I could purchase Melbourne Big Day Out tickets for my sister and I. As the countdown to midnight was in the last few minutes the website as lagging hardcore and I was a little nervous that I wasn’t going to get tickets. But I ended up getting 2 of them and they ended up selling out within 10 minutes. Thank god that didn’t happen with my Brisbane Soundwave tickets, which I brought at like 5 in the morning. Im pretty excited for the lineup, mainly just Rise Against (I haven’t seen them since 07), Lily Allen, Muse, Ladyhawke and whoever else I feel like seeing on the day. Where as for Soundwave, I’m really looking forward to Alexisonfire, A Day To Remember, Whitechapel, Emarosa, The Devil Wears Prada, Gallows, Him, Paramore…. Okay basically everyone who is playing lol. To make it a billion times better I will be experiencing it in Brisbane. Brisbane during summer is complete bliss.
So 2010 is clearly looking up.

26th January – Big Day Out Melbourne
15th Febuary – AC/DC Melbourne with my Dad
20th Febuary – Soundwave Brisbane

More to add when another good band decides to come out to Australia!

SW10 Blunt DPS 090811


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