Kristen Stewart


I really don’t understand why people, girls especially, don’t like Kristin Stewart. Sure she is ‘dating’ Robert Pattinson who I barely find attractive ,why is that a reason to hate?
People think she betrays ‘Bella Swan’ in a boring, insecure way, I’m sure if you have actually read the book then you’d understand that is the way that Bella is portrayed. People think shes boring in real life? Would you prefer her to be all Hollywood like majority of all other actresses? I don’t.
I actually like her acting and all. She has her own personality. She isn’t all caught up in fame, as she has said herself, she doesn’t like it. So fan girls of Robert Pattinson HATE her because they are dating? Apparently she isn’t his type, then what is his type? I somehow don’t think 13 year old girls would be in his line of interest sorry. I’m not bashing anyone but I just don’t see why people bash her, has she done anything wrong? I don’t think she has.
Anyways, She looks amazing in this Allure photoshoot.
The pictures I have posted are amazing, you can check out the rest of them here.

Team K-Stew !


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