Why Johnny Depp is Amazing.

Since I just brought a rather large canvas with Johnny Depp’s face on it, I thought I would blog about why he is amazing.
Part of what makes him amazing is his “I don’t give a shit’ attitude and the fact for such a down to earth person even though how much money he makes and how famous he is.
He’s a real life bad-boy without being an idiot back in the earlier days. He is so dark and mysterious which keeps you sucked in wanting more from him and his acting. He’s intelligent, you can see it in his face, the man is a genious. Intelligence is sexy.
His sense of humour is always going to win you over as is his quirkiness.
He is so versatile with his roles in movies – face it, the man can play anything.
Then comes his looks, the smoldering eyes, high cheekbones, great jawline, lovely hair.
The way he dresses always has something to do with it, he dresses very bohemian and sophisticated with that rebel and quirky edge.
In my opinion he isn’t like many actors out there these days, he is one of a kind which makes him so valued.  Also when his daughter got sick, he gave back to the hospital that helped her by donating £1 million which is approx 1,806,194 AUD.
Honestly, how many actors do that? I could write many more reasons why he’s amazing but its too hot and I’m tired!

I think I have such high expectations due to Johnny Depp, Anyway here are some pictures of the amazing man Himself.




One Response to “Why Johnny Depp is Amazing.”

  1. Peg Boggs, Your Local Avon Representative Says:

    Beautiful pics – thanks for posting! Wish he would’ve made his entrance at the Scream Awards dressed as Scissorhands. That would have been something!

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