Michael Jackson – This Is It

Today I finally went and saw Michael Jacksons This Is it and boy did it get me emotional. Anyone who loved his music and him in general would love this film. I read plenty of reviews before I had seen it and everything that was written was right.
It’s just so crazy that watching his rehersals for those concerts to think he had a cardiac arrest and die. I really wish I had gotten to see him preform in my lifetime, would have been an amazing one in a lifetime offer. His voice is amazing, his dancing and his genuine nice guy attitude, he believed in everyone and made everyone that he worked with feel special. I can’t even imagine what all of his crew/dancers/band went through when he died. I cried when I found out so I’m sure for them would have been much worse, anyway I’m going off topic. To cut a long story short, right at the end when they finished rehersing and was saying this is the end when man in the mirror started playing made me ball like a baby.
I love everything about Michael Jackson, he was not a pedophile or anything else he was accused of.
Whenever I listen to his music I shed a tear and smile – What would the world be without Michael Jackson.

R.I.P King Of Pop


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