Rekindling of Friendships.

Last night I was sitting on msn while watching tv, really not expecting anyone important to talk to me when the girl who was my best friend started talking to me. She was saying how she felt really bad that she had ignored me all year and not spent enough time with me and how it sucks that we were best friends then everything died. I explained to her that it wasn’t far gone that it couldn’t we couldn’t rekindle. All year I was saying how much it sucks to lose a best friend – I’m sure everyone who has had this happen would understand, that it was just so good to have that kind of indepth conversation with her. I really do hope that we can make this work so we can atleast attempt to go back to the way things we’re. Looking at it from my perspective, from when we we’re 15, we basically spent every weekend together as well as the few 3 or 4 classes at school we had together. I’m ovbiously happy about this, it definitely made my night.

Anyway this is turning into a little teenage blog, I’m 18, not really a teenager for much longer. I’ve finished school for the year and am on holidays until I find out whether or not I’ve gotten into my uni/tafe preferences for 2010. I’ve got my fingers crossed for event management or tourism management. So my holidays are pretty boring – I tend to take each day by carpe diem. It’s just the way I live. I woke up super early this morning so I decided to dye my hair from red (like Ashlee Simpson-Wentz) to brown, I love the smell of dye seriously and my lobes feel all irritated and infected after I cleaned them last night (they’re stretched to 14mm or 9/16″). I’m still really contemplating stretching them to 16mm but not anymore than that – I know I’ll change my mind.

2009 has gone so fast, so many things have happened this year, good and bad, losing and gaining friends, but most of all becoming truely independant and turning 18 which was a lot of fun and still is! I still think that Melbourne is going to hit 40 degrees before december even comes around. I think that there is nothing better than a warm Melbourne day then a thunderstorm at night or even drinking coronas on the beach at night – I really do love life.

Anyways this blog is about anything and everything, I hope I didn’t bore whoever reads my blog.
Ciao dudes!


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