You are not alone.

“When you feel this lonely, nothing ever makes sense to you anymore, and just when you feel like everything is okay, you remind yourself that its not, and than you feel stupid, because you can’t believe how much your crying over someone who doesn’t care about you at all, and you wonder why you want to still be with them so bad, when you know you deserve alot better, and you wonder what it is about you that made them forget you so easily, like you ment nothing, and than, your left there, back at square one, and you remember why you had once said love is beyond over rated, so you just sit there, crying to yourself, and wishing there was someone in the hole universe who is thinking about you, and you tell yourself there is one person, just so you don’t feel half as lonely as you do. Love sucks, don’t fool yourself.” – Gwyneth Paltrow


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