Figured out what to do.

I’m 18 and everyone who has been there or is there really hasn’t got much of an idea what they want to do in terms of their life goals, unless they have no life whatsoever, i kid i kid.
Anyway, I really still want to do event management or tourism, mainly events but I have decided that I’m going to be a nurse.
All day so far I have been applying for DIV 2 nursing courses at uni for next year and I think it is safe to say, I have applied everywhere in Melbourne that would take me.
I’ve even already booked my 3hr VETASSESS test for next year.
I see nursing as a rewarding career not only because you can save people and help them when they’re in need but also because I can work anywhere in the world doing so.
That kinda thing makes me happy, getting paid to travel basically… lol
But anyway I thought I would share it with whoever reads my wordpress.
I’ll be like nurse Betty…. hahah!
I kid

I also have a job now at cotton on kids.
It’s so good, the clothing is so adorable!


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