Holidays Round-Up

I’ve been on holidays since around the end of october and I thought since thats been a good 3 months almost, I’d right a blog about it.
In basic form, my holidays included getting drunk with my favourite people almost every 2nd day, rekindling friendships with the people who mean most to me, spending endless time in the sun reading and tanning, getting my hours up for my p’s, sorting through everything I own, switching bedrooms, spending a lot of time in the city, shopping, working every now and then, going out, NYE, ambulance trips, road trips, cutting majority of my hair off, thinking about what to do with 2010, playing endless hours of playstation 3, spending time in dromana and rye, making vegemite pizza ect ect!!!
I’ve still got 2 weeks left to get ready for this year and do stationary shopping, which I love. Anyways, I write boring blogs so ciao until I have something better to say aha xxxxx


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