2010 So Far

It’s 2nd week of year 12 already!
it’s going so fast – basically 34 weeks left which are going to fly by.
I so far have a pretty good idea of what I want to do after I graduate which is get into media/marketing bussiness in the music industry.
I’m currently leading towards Victoria University but when vtac time comes around I’m sure going to be applying for the same courses just at different unis.
Today I finally went and did my hazard perception test which everyone has to do before they go for their license, I got 67% with the pass mark being 53%. I was suprised that I passed… Some of those questions were quite tricky.
Only 39 more hours to do for my driving log which means I should have my license in around 2 months!
Exciting stuff
I’m over Melbour.ne’s weather, I would like winter to come around right now.



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