Lindsay Lohan

I just seen that ‘segment’ or whatever you wish to call it about Lindsay Lohan’s home/hording mess and I have to say, I would not be obliged at all to take on whatever she doesn’t want because wow, she has amazing clothes.
All botched surgeries/rehab/bi-curiousness/singing career/whatever else aside, I do miss her movies when she was an innocent red head.
Of course I wouldn’t understand what goes on in the mind of a Hollywood star but one thing I would like to know is what happened to her? Can she somewhat give her fans an explanation to what went wrong? Is it just me or would everyone like to know that.
I also think she needs to get rid of the blonde hair and fake tan and go to a more natural colour, ahem, red or brown anyone?
I think that she does need help getting her life back on track, Britney Spears did it, so can Lindsey.


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