Life as I know;

Been incredibly busy, hence the lack of posts.
A good month into school now with my first sac for psychology on tuesday which I really should study for.. haha
As you may be able to tell I’ve been attending a couple of gigs and festivals lately; ac/dc were amazing (best concert I’ve ever been to), big day out, soundwave which I was in Brisbane for, alexisonfire at billboard the venue (3rd time around, by far the best) and a couple of others.
I got home from Brisbane monday night after a 4 day drunk bender, my body currently hates me for it. It was a massive change from Melbourne, people are so chilled and relaxed there and there are no muzzas! score haha. I loved the fact that every corner you turn, there is palm tress! Something we definitely don’t have here. I decided that Melbourne is a concrete jungle (if you live or have been here you’d understand).
So now from drinking so much in a short amount of time, I have decided not to drink for a while and let my body detox/recover from the damage.
I really miss Rachelle! She is the QLD version of my best friend, I’d like to thank her for putting up with me drunk and emotional.
I’ve now seen alexisonfire 3 times and I can say by far, this 3rd time was the best time by far. It may have something to do with the fact I was reunited with my best friend or the fact that aof are truly amazing (I already knew that).
I like a boy, it really does suck hah.

Currently on my TV there is people complaining about sex appeal, that there is too much in the world and having an effect on young girls. – GET THE FUCK OVER IT.


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